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Deborah’s Desk – Market Update

By Deborah Brady

Firstly, I just want to thank all my loyal clients both new and old for the support they have given me personally and Ray White Cottesloe | Mosman Park in general during this weird Covid-19 year.

When nearly two years ago myself and my business partner took the huge plunge of establishing a Ray White franchise in Cottesloe, we knew it was going to be a big task to establish a new Real Estate brand in this highly competitive market…but we certainly didn’t count on doing it during a global health pandemic that would turn the world as we knew it upside down.

So far it’s been one helluva ride on a learning curve that has been off the charts but the good news is that our Stirling Highway office at Cottesloe’s Grove Shopping Centre is now back and running and we have a raft of new Covid-inspired innovations to help sellers and buyers alike.

One of those Covid-innovations – live streaming virtual house opens through my Facebook page – has proved a massive hit …I hesitate to say it’s gone viral in the current climate…but the number of people tuning in from all over the country has been truly phenomenal, and rewarding.

That might just have as much to do with people enjoying watching me trip down the odd staircase or go hunting for native birds in backyards but the interactive nature of the streams – where watchers can ask questions and request a second look at something – really struck a chord with potential buyers and I have sold a number of homes directly from these events.

It’s something I’m going to keep doing and offer in all future marketing packages.

Another big surprise out of the pandemic is that the patchy conditions we had going into it has turned strongly into a seller’s market. The reasons for this I believe are varied but one obvious cause is the number of high achieving Ex-Pats returning to Perth from overseas.

There’s no doubt that a lot of West Australians living overseas and for that matter in the Eastern States, see Perth as a safe haven for them and their families in this uncertain world.

I am receiving multiple inquiries EVERY DAY from people in just this situation. And these people come with the financial means and desire to live in our best suburbs.

If you have been thinking about selling or downsizing, I urge you to move now. There are many more buyers out there than properties available.

Added to this general trend the tensions in Hong Kong are also prompting cashed-up professionals to look to Perth for a more secure future for their families.

Even locally it feels like people are realising that prospects of expensive sojourns to Europe or the US are on hold and so now is a good time to act on that long-held dream to upgrade their living quarters.

I know a lot of sellers think that winter is a generally slow time to sell a house but my view is STRIKE NOW. By September when the Federal Government’s Jobkeeper payments are scheduled for a change, market conditions could change again…it’s a fluid situation.

Please call me for a market update.

Deborah Brady
0405 570 906
Director/Licensee at Ray White Cottesloe | Mosman Park

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